Saturday morning I headed to our local farmer’s market. Wandering through fruits and veggies, I made small talk with people comparing apples and looking at bunches of basil. The conversations averaged about 20 seconds in length, but I considered it a start. I realized that although I was trying to meet people, majority were there already on a social outing with friends and family and weren’t looking to meet people.

Changing strategies, I met some people and their dogs. Pretty sure the dogs were the focus each time and teh conversation never made it past pleasantries. In all honesty, this was pretty standard behavior, so didn’t really go out of my way to meet the puppies.

Finally, I decided to chat with the vendors, as they were guaranteed to be there every week. Most were friendly and enthusiastic about their products. I bought a steamed bun from Anna and chatted momentarily about the weather, before she moved on to the next customer. After finishing my breakfast, I chatted a bit with Scott, the knife sharpener, who was friendly; however, looking around to meet actual clients.

Overall, I enjoyed getting out and browsing the market. It was difficult to meet people and strike up a conversation as most were busy with clients, already out with someone, or there to do some serious shopping among the crowded market. May be easier with repeated visits to meet the vendors, even though many were happily busy!

Browsing the product at the local farmer’s market!