In my slow progress in getting back to pre-baby weight, I have finally decided to try some new recipes. I love pecan banana pancakes and make them frequently for my husband and myself for weekend brunches! I never actually save or print out the recipe I use, so I google a new one each time. Last week, I came across The Kitchn’s two ingredient banana egg pancakes. In truth, they sounded kinda awful, but the description likening them to the inside of french toast intrigued me. I went ahead to make regular pancakes for my husband that day, but experimented after he left for work this morning. I added a bit of baking powder and honey as recommended, and they were delicious!

The pancakes are touted as gluten-free, dairy-free, healthy blah blah blah and while that’s convenient, the pros for me also include being convenient to make when my pantry is running low on ingredients and delicious – especially with chocolate chips!

Thank goodness my local TV channel has a food segment where they made banana egg pancakes coincidentally last week, as I would otherwise have not even tried to cook the watery batter!



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